At Christ Covenant Community Church, we are broken people who have received the love and mercy of God. Our goal is to grow in that love, and extend it to others.

Simply put, we see ourselves a family, servants, missionaries and disciples.

Family: God, the gracious Father, has mercifully adopted us into His family. That means that we are brothers and sisters, and we seek to really live as a family should.

Servants: Jesus, the glorious Son of God, left heaven to live here on earth and serve us. After His life, death and resurrection, He again ascended into heaven and rules as King. Because our King has served us, we also will serve one another, and serve our communities.

Missionaries: The Holy Spirit, sent by God, lives in us, changing our hearts and our lives. He helps us to know God, to understand His word, and to become more like Him. The Holy Spirit works gives us the power and the desire to dedicate our lives to God’s mission of bringing people back to Him.

Disciples: Jesus gathered a group around Him, whom he lived with, taught, and sent. He called them “disciples.” Before leaving earth, he gave his followers the task of going into all the nations and making more disciples. That is the church. We are His disciples, learning from Him and following Him, and we are sent to bring others into that same learning, following, growing, serving relationship with Jesus.

Please feel free to browse this site to learn more about us, but it would be even better if you come and visit!